Puukko means knife and is actually the name for the traditional all-purpose knives from Finland. Similar traditional knives are also produced in Sweden and Norway, where they are commonly known as “Scandinavian knives” or “Nordic knives”.

The first Puukkos were already used in the Middle Ages for hunting, carving, housework, gardening and also in the kitchen. This has hardly changed until today. But in the meantime it belongs to the standard equipment of every outdoor person in the far north.

Puukkos have a steel blade of approx. 7 cm – 14 cm length. 

From about 15 cm blade length it becomes the “Leuku” – the traditional knife of the Sámi people.

Every now and then I make my own puukko. The hand-forged blades come from Finland – but sometimes also from Yakutia.
My knives are not for sale but I show you here step by step how you too can make a puukko yourself.

step by step

my puukkos