New Projects

Yakutian 125   –   Smith: Andrey Shishliannikov (SH-Andrey), Russia

With this knife I will “eat over the hedge” as we use to say when someone is unfaithful to something….. but Yakutia is far in the north as well, far away from Finland – almost on the other side of the globe in the Asian part of Russia. The Jakut knife has a century old tradition and is characterised by its asymmetrically shaped blade with a one-sided groove. The indigenous Yakut people used to live mainly from hunting and fishing, occasionally from horse and reindeer breeding and this is also where the main use of the Yakut knife can be found.

more about Yakutia

Kuikka 70 – a small handy everyday knife

I am not yet sure which materials I will use.
I still have a small piece of staghorn sumac tree (Rhus typhina). This wood has a beautiful structure and is dark by nature. However, it is also very hard and you have to be careful not to overheat and burn it during sanding. The staghorn sumac has long been popular as a decorative tree in gardens and parks. Today it is considered an “invasive neophyte” in Switzerland and is forbidden. The only way to get a piece of this wood is when one is removed and destroyed.

Leather Sheath  stitched by hand