"Seppä" - The Smith

Seppä Yriö Puronvarsi and Antti Mäkinen

Yriö Puronvarsi, born 1927 – In his youth he learned the art of forging, together with his brothers, from his uncle.
He is the only one who later continues the craft. Yriö is the father of two sons and a daughter. Neither of the two sons ever had an interest in learning the family profession.
In the 80’s his daughter Ulla became the mother of Antti Mäkinen, who started his career as a blacksmith in 2006.

Seppä Yrjö gave his nephew all his knowledge and experience to preserve the family tradition. Today, at the age of something over 90, he forges only out of love for his work.

(Source: Nordiska Knivar / The Puronvarsi Story by Federico Buldrini)

Seppä Antin Paja aka Antti Kuikka

Antti Kuikka is one of the ” Young ” – in 2006 he reached the 1st place at the Finnish Junior Forge Contest.
Since 2009 he has his own workshop in Nuutajärvi, in the South/West of Finland.

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