Yakutia (Sakha)

Yakutia is situated in the north-east of the Asian part of Russia. The republic covers about one fifth of the whole Russian territory and is therefore the largest within the Russian Federation.
The region is covered by permafrost and temperatures range from +40°C in summer to -50°C in winter. The lowest measured temperature is minus 71.2°C. No wonder Yakutia’s population density is just 0.3 inhabitants/km2.
Yakutia is a country with dense taiga and huge tundra zones, hundreds of thousands of large and small rivers and lakes, rough mountain ranges and ice arctic regions, primeval nature. In former times the Yakut lived mainly from hunting and fishing and as old as their tradition is the Yakut knife with its very own asymmetrical blade shape.
Today, Yakutia is mainly mining for its mineral resources.

(source: North-Eastern Federal University, Yakutsk)